Pyrogrphies by chilean artist Jackie Wohlwend. ESPAÑOL

Handmade Engravings

The pyrography of Jacqueline Wohlwend is handmade. The first step consists of a drawing done with a common graphite pencil over a wood panel. After this, the edging work with an electric pyrographer tool begins. Finally, colors of different materials are applied.

Jacqueline Wohlwend Meschede (1963)

Born in the city of Osorno, Chile. Artisanal wood engraving artist, self-taught painter and designer. She began her workings during 1998. Her career is just starting and, as other artists, she has copied famous paintings, imposing her innate style, showed through her totally handmade works. 'La Wohlwend', as her closer friends call her, is a pyrography edging master. She uses the most simple tool and pencil, found in any library store around the corner.
Jackie engraves with a clear and notable line, although showing spacial dimension and transparency. She highlights the principal plane in a radical way and the color combinations she uses, bring up a singular perspective style.

Artisanal pyrography of a de Chirrico painting.
Hector and Andrómaca
"Sorry" is a burned wood engraving.
Custom painting.
From the Window
Brush painting with water coloring.
Tempera over wood panel.
Woman Sitting
Portrait of a woman painted with tempera.
Marina chilena.
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